6 Costly and Dangerous Problems Of Not Decarbonizing Your Engine

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6 Costly and Dangerous Problems Of Not Decarbonizing Your Engine

 When it comes to car maintenance and repairs, the question is always whether or not you actually need to do it. While there are some minor car repairs and maintenance that don’t have to be done on the exact date recommended, removing carbon deposits from your engine is not one of them. When you don’t decarbonize your engine, many costly and even potentially dangerous problems can occur.

6 Costly and Dangerous Problems Of Not Decarbonizing Your Engine DCarbonize Blog

Lack of Engine Power

One of the very first signs that engine carbon cleaning is needed is a lack of engine power. Carbon build-up makes it difficult for your engine to run properly, as everything slowly gets blocked up inside the combustion chamber. This can then lead to many additional problems…


Low Mileage

When your engine isn’t performing as it should, you burn significantly more fuel than if the engine had the carbon deposits removed. This is a result of the exhaust sensor failing; the lines begin to clog up and performance and stamina begin to dwindle. As a result, your engine needs to exert more energy to run normally. Without decarbonizing your engine, it’s working harder than it needs to be which burns up fuel more quickly.


DPF Shortened Lifespan

Speaking of fuel usage, failing to decarbonize the engine on your vehicles and heavy duty machinery can cause exhaust sensors to fail. This is the result of the DPF (diesel particulate filter) becoming clogged and unable to store the exhaust soot. Instead, the black soot spews out through the exhaust. When this happens, you’re unable to monitor oxygen levels in the exhaust to determine whether the engine is burning rich or lean.


Delayed and Difficult Engine Start

Without decarbonizing your engine, the combustion chamber starts seeing a buildup of carbon deposits which disrupts the valves from closing. This can lead to hot spots forming in the engine which can damage preignition. And while spark plugs can be a minor fix, this issue can lead to a sharp rise in combustion pressure that can result in costly repairs. This can result in delayed and a difficult engine start. 


Inability to Pass Inspections

Due to the black soot spewing from the exhaust, passing inspections will be made increasingly difficult, if not impossible. Many leaders are implementing clean engine requirements for vehicles, buses, trucks, and heavy duty machinery in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. And without a decarbonizing engine cleaning machine, it can be difficult to pass the mandatory inspections which can put a halt on your career, life, business, etc.


Turbo Shortened Lifespan

The more carbon deposits that build up, the shorter the turbo lifespan will become, as valves are unable to close properly. This can make your car, truck or heavy duty machinery prone to stalling and performing sluggishly and quickly diminishes the longevity of your turbo.




Aside from being able to prevent all of these costly and dangerous problems from occurring, decarbonizing the engine also comes with many additional benefits. Using an engine carbon cleaner can restore engine performance, prevent wear of pricey engine parts, increase engine lifespan and make your automobile, truck or heavy-duty machinery more fuel efficient. So, investing in an engine carbon cleaning machine for under $2000 can actually save you an abundance of money moving forward.

If you operate a business where car services are done, you can then sell engine carbon cleaning services for anywhere from $25-50. A couple of these jobs booked and your engine carbon cleaning machine can be paid for.