• Engine carbon cleaning system
  • Cars, SUVs and Utility Vehicles
  • TriCore Cell
  • High Flow Stabilized Hydrogen Production
  • 800 Liters/Hour Hydrogen Production
  • Profitez d’une garantie de 5 ans



Cleans engine carbon deposits
entirely under 1-hour
Increases Diesel Particulate
Filter (DPF) Lifespan
Prevents Exhaust Gas Recirculation
System (EGR) clogging
Fuel Saving
A clean engine burns less fuel
Engine Lifespan
A clean engine turns at
a lower temperature reducing ware
Fewer CO2 Emissions
A clean engine turns at optimal
air/fuel ratio reducing CO2 emission

The Engine Carbon Cleaner ECC280C guarantees a preventive action against the accumulation of Carbon by cleaning the inside of the engine, by increasing the lifespan of the EGR system, the Diesel Particulate Filter, and parts of the Exhaust. 

Engine combustion allows for a build-up of fuel residues. With time, this accumulation of carbon deposits will result in inefficient combustion. This will cause higher fuel consumption, higher carbon emissions, and costly future repairs. 



Technical Data Sheet:

  • Voltage (V): DC 12V
  • DC power (A) 1500 W
  • Energy consumption (kWh) 1.5
  • Production of Gas HHO (l/h) 800 (+-10%)
  • Maximum pressure (kg/cm2) 0.2
  • Water consumption (L/h) 0.20
  • Water reservoir capacity (ltr) 30
  • Battery Life (Hr) 100
  • Net Weight (Kg) 90
  • Dimensions – Wxdxh (mm) 600*500*1000




Made in Morocco in accordance to Industry Standards European
Compliant with ISO 12100 relating to Security in the Design of Machinery
Conforms to the EC Directives 2004/108/EEC and 2006/95/EC



  • Our machines have a 5 year warranty

Delivery time

  • Our machines are shipped within 2 days.


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